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Green Bubble Anemone


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I need some help. I purchased this anemone about a week ago, it was doing fine, on Tuesday 26th my wife had a baby boy and I was in the hospital for a night and when I got home my anemone looks like the picture. Is it going to die? Can an anemone spawn another one?


Look in the picture gallery for the picture, under green bubble anemone.

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looks like a new tank to me... no algae of any kind is on the glass in the background and the sand is pure white. i suggest never getting an anenome until you have 1+ years of experience and some research b4 buying. good luck!

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YGPM and YGCommentOnPicture


To summarize...

Too new of a tank.

Too new of a reefer.

Too little light (28watts PC).

Too little research.


Take it back to the LFS or flush it... Else it will poison your system w/in 1 week. Guaranteed. :|

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