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Coral Vue Hydros

snail-type creature


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OK, got this cool snail today . . . is about 1 1/2" long, white shell sort-of looks like a conch (definitely not a conch!). Large body, white with dark speckles all over - body extends alot - way far out from shell! Definite snail foot. Has eye stalks, "unicorn" type thing from the TOP of its head - reminds me of a breathing tube on a fw snail. It is a substrate maniac - dove right down into the sand. Haven't seen it since. Can crawl up surfaces. Moves very fast. Seems friendly enough, just trying to id! Have searched at least 2 dozen sites, no luck! Thanks for any help!

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Nope - definitely not a stomatella . . . this guy has a conch-type shell and is really at least 1 1/2" long. It's definitely not a cowrie . . . if I could find my digital (and find the snail in the substrate - good luck!) I could photo it. Hmmmm . . . any other suggestions? Thanks for trying, I'm not giving up!!!

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sounds like a nassarius snail. I have 2 - they're pretty cool. They are carnivores - put a piece of mysid shrimp or other meat in the tank and watch them come flying out of the sand bed! They're the fastest snails I've seen. Great for cleaning sand bed.

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