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Was I shipped the wrong bulb??


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Well I just went to test out my new Hamilton 150w HQI pendant and guess what, I cant see how the bulb I received with the unit can possibly fit into the sockets.


Are there different types of double ended buld ends? The ceramic end are about 1/4 away from the contacts in the sockets. See the pics which follow. (If I can load them correct)











And from what I can tell there isnt any way of getting the contacts to touch the metal on the bulb end, even if there wasnt a gap.


Please help.

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Also, are MH bulbs supposed to look as if they have been used?

Mine has a purple haze in the center, you can kinda see it in the pics. Looks as if it has been running for a period of time.

Do the bulbs get "fired" before packaging?

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The sockets look like they are for a 250w bulb not 150w. The bulb is definatly a 150w but i think the sockets are the problem. I would call whoever you get the pendent from to see if you can varify a product number or serial number. Also check the ballast to see if it says 150w or 250w (it might not though).

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I just did some research on Hellolights and looked at the sockets for both 150w and 250w.

Thank you Pili4444 I believe you are correct. So that now becomes a huge PITA, I thought I was all ready to go. DAMN

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So,polite but assertive email has been sent to oceanaquatics, hopefully situation can be corrected quickly.

I will keep you all posted.

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The correct pendant is already on the way. I have a DHL tracking number to prove it.

Now I just need to ship out the incorrect one.


Oceanaquatics.com gets a high five!

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