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Is anyone running BB in there nanos. I was thinking of setting up mine BB but not sure yet. I was thinking of up grading the flow to about 250gph and don't want a sand storm.

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I'm sure nanos have had good success with it, but even with the ability to siphon out deitrus and weekly water changes, I don't think BB is nearly as effective without aggressive skimming. Feel free to disagree, it's just an opinion afterall. I tried it and so no real noticable improvements beyond the ability to get some incredible flow without disturbing a sandbed.


Unless you're trying to go hardcore SPS I don't really think it's necessary unless you like the way it looks.

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Will not be doing SPS in this tank(not saying that it cannot be done) just not in this tank for me. I have been reading the MH thread though. I won't do that with this tank though. Mainly zoas, rics, and a few other softies. I am just looking at my options here nothing more. I do like the look of the BB as well as the a SSB 1" at most should be good and still allow a little more then 106gph. Was thinking of puttig in a mini-jet 606 or even a MJ1200 in place of the stock pump. hen I could use the stock pump to mix up water for water changes.

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Originally posted by dwdenny

artarmon how are the heat issues with the MH in there.


My MH thread is a long read, but there were "lots" of heat issues as I experimented with cooling techniques. Both in the hood (in the form of splashguard warping) and the water (fluctuations of 3-5 degrees in an 8 hour photo period).


I'm pleased to report that those problems were resolved. Hood is cool, water temps move <2 degrees in an 8 hour photo period, and the tank now has better air circulation and oxygen exchange. I'm very happy with the mod.

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Originally posted by theclearblue

I'm sure nanos have had good success with it, but even with the ability to siphon out deitrus and weekly water changes, I don't think BB is nearly as effective without aggressive skimming.


I partly agree.

Skimming is definitely effective. I used a Remora on my 16 bow, and once you see how much crap gets pulled out it's hard to ever think of a skimmerless tank as "clean" :x


However, once you've run BB, and see the crap that the rock lets out (which is a different type of crap than the skimmer pulls out BTW), it's similarly hard to ever think of a non-BB tank as "clean" :x


Best bet is to run BB and skimmer, but I haven't found a way to do it without changing the streamlined (stock) look. Until then, BB, regular water changes, fuge and lots of chemical help (Polyfilter, Rowaphos and Purigen) is the best I can do to keep the system clean.

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a blue cuttingboard that I cut to fit.


Use a few pieces of cardboard until you get the curve just right, then trace it onto the cuttingboard. Mitre Saw + Bandsaw/Jigsaw = you're done!


I siliconed mine in place but the air ended up getting out from under it anyway, so you might not want to use the silicon.


- Daniel

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denny - thanks, I got it at Wal-Mart. Just make sure the one you get isn't advertised as "anti-bacterial" or "anti-microbial".


outtafocus - yes it's on the inside, it's there so that the rock isn't lying directly on the glass


- Daniel

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shao-lin nano

sry; above link isn't just for artarmon...everyone check it out!! quite interesting and if anyone has seen better or done better please share!!!

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I keep reading that the height of the 12G doesn't allow for enough contact?!? Take some pics Shao-Lin... you make tight-looking mods :)


Actually what I really want is UTR's remora-style...

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I have decided to make my 12G semi-barebottom. I have a 340 gallon tank that is barebottom, with a monster skimmer and will never go back. The big difference obviously will be the lack of a skimmer. But I intend on doing regular water changes.


When I say "semi" - what I'm doing is cutting starboard to the shape of my tank, less a couple inches. The rocks will sit on the starboard. Sand will go from the starboard to the edge. This way I can tend to the sand. The rocks will hide the starboard by sitting out over the edge. I will have some flow underneath the rocks pushing the debris out onto the sand.


I love my nano so far. But putting a lot of flow, which I think is crucial to the long term success of a reef is so difficult with a small tank. So this will be my solution. If it doesn't work, barebottom 100%.

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artarmon, I wish I had that going on! I've always had problems with corraline taking off :( My tank is still relatively new (3 months) but I am seeing little specks here and there.


I did notice all the corraline in your tank pic, it looks good!


- Daniel

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When Coralline takes off, it starts to seriously become a pain.

Here are 2 photos, taken 17 days apart (4/11 to 4/28 ).



The growth is particularly noticeable on the front-left and front-edge of the starboard.



I mag-clean the glass every day.

If I skip a day or two, small patches start to grow.


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I can't remember my ALK, but my CA hovers between 400 to 430 (using Salifert test kits). I do weekly water change of ~1.5G, using Oceanic salt. Nowadays, with my SPS and Xmas-Rock, I dose ~5ml of B-ionic Part 1 & 2 every two or so days (otherwise the SPS stops growing).


But for my 16G, I don't even dose and it has the same Coralline growth (problem). I think it must be the salt, because I don't do anything else to the water.

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not bad, I use NSW and my calk is usually around 360 or so and alk is 3.25 meq/l


I'm topping off kalk right now but just need to figure the right amount/frequency to bump it up.

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