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2.5 ggal Qs


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2.5 gal Qs

do you have a 2.5

okay heres the deal:i want a 2.5and i need some motivation and pics are always good

what light what heater size what flow a ph or what

bottom or bare bottom?also whats the size of the 2.5and how much rock to make it look full





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i have 2.5 gallon minibow and i use a coralife 10 watt 50/50 screw in for lighting. For a geater i use a visitherm 25 watt heater. My tank holds about 3 punds of live rock and its FULL.

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It's difficult to say how much rock to use when you buy it by the pound. Fiji rock is much more dense than Marshall Island rock. 1 pound of Marshall rock may do the work of 2 pounds of Fiji, because of the increased surface area. I've never compared the effectiveness, but I wouldn't worry about exactly the weight of your LR, as long as it looks pretty full. In order to do that, you're going to have to get the aquarium and then pick and choose LR that will physically fit.

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