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Say hello to my little friend


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Well, today after installing some new lights and cleaning the tank I noticed something odd. I've got a starfish in the tank... and it's no brittle star (which I know I have a few of in my tank). I've got pics below. The one in the pics is about the size of a dime. I have no idea what type it is. A couple mintues later I noticed a smaller one about half its size of the same type on the back wall of my tank (not pictured as it was behind rocks). I did notice that it looked like a couple of the larger starfish's legs seemed to be shorter than the rest and the same goes for the smaller one on the back wall. Do starfish ever split? I know they re-grow limbs if they become damaged, but never heard of splitting starfish. Anyway, I'm a little concernced since I have no idea what kind of starfish these are and where they came from. Last thing I need is some starfish digging up all of my sand and eating things they shouldn't be (or at least that I don't want them to). I realize they are still very small so I have some time, but I'd like to figure this out. I haven't introduced ANYTHING new to my tank in at least over a month. They must've been hitch hikers from something and grew from VERY small.






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