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finishing out the cleanup crew (almost anyway)


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came home from the LFS last night with most of the rest of my cleanup crew. i'd love any advice on what else to add, if anything.

as of last night i now have...


2 Turbo Snails

1 Aestra (sp?)

1 Bumblebee

2 Scarlet Hermits

and 1 Fire Shrimp.

other than tank nasties, should i supplement the fire shrimp's diet with say brine or flakes?


anyway let fly with words of wisdom. pics coming soon.


i'm psyched that i can finally start adding critters. i guess patients does pay off once in a while



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I would definitely get more snails and crabs. A general rule of thumb is one snail per gallon. IMO I believe cerith to be the best and turbos do well but are just bulldozers when they get big. A few more hermits maybe even an emerald would also help.

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