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help hanging aqua medic ocean light HQI


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I want to get a aquamedic 150w HQI ocean light for my 12 gallon nano, but the problem is I can't hang it from my ceiling.


Does anyone have any ideas for ways I could mount it above my tank with out attaching it to the ceiling??


Something that looks decent (besides 2x4's)??


Also should I get the 150w for my 12 gallon (which is like 10-12 inches tall) or should I bite the bulllet and get the 250w since it is only $20 dollars more?


I'm mostly interested in makeing zoos and shrooms grow like crap, and maybe a few sps (haven't ventured into that world yet)





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can u help me? i have the aquamedic ocean light too and i lost the instruction to the install the hangnig kit to the ceiling

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