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How much adult brine shrimp to feed?


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My local LFS sells live adult brine shrimp for $2.99 a teaspoon, which I want to feed as an occasional treat (I mainly feed formula 1 flake, occasional frozen bloodworms, I may get some other frozens). About how much should I feed to my ocellaris clown / watchman goby / skunk cleaner shrimp? The one time I've done it, I fed maybe a quarter of it to the tank, the feeding frenzy lasted about 15 minutes until they were all gone. I fed the balance of the shrimp to my four freshwater tanks.


By the way, as a side question, can pulsing Xenia eat adult brine shrimp? I didn't think so, but when I fed my tank and the powerheads moved the shrimp through the Xenia, they were pulsing like crazy!

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