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rio800 vs rio1400


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I swapped my stock pump in my 24G to a rio1400, and it is working great! And i also have a aquac remora, i hang on at night, that uses a rio800. For some reason, the rio800 sounds like a car with no muffler, (really loud). but the rio1400 is undetectable! actually the water makes more noise than the rio1400!!! I was just wondering if this is normal, or if any of you think i got a bad rio800 ph? any comments would be appreciated. But please leave out the "rio's suck, get a Maxijet" ive already heard all those, and really dont want to go down that road. What i'm really looking for is others with the aquac remora w/rio800, and wondering how loud theres are??


thanks in advance. :)



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I had the rio 800 and it was loud too. I guess i wasn't the only one to get one of those nasty pumps. I found that it is quieter when you don't have the attachment with the regulator. If you use the smaller attachments it is a little quieter. we both got ripped on this pump.

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Anybody know how the Maxi-jet 1200 hooks to the remora? is it the same as the rio800?? maybe i should switch it!


-Mike :)

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anyone? is it a simple swap, or do the different versions have different plumbing?


any help would be appreciated.



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You'd need 2-2.5" of vinyl tubing, not sure which size(1/2" or 3/4"??). Hook one end onto the barb the other to the maxi-jets outlet. I'd suggest using those plastic hose clamps also. You could also e-mail Aqua-C and tell them your dilemma and they should send you out the part you need for free. They sent me a free o-ring and cleaning brush at no charge when I e-mailed them.

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