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pods and temperature


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My tank has been set up for 2.5 days. I have an eclipse 6 system. I put live sand in it two and a hlaf days ago and added the live rock yesterday. I have the white pods that everyone talks about in the tank now. They are all over the sides, back, and front of the glass. I know they are a sign of good things, but I do not like them on the front glass. Is it ok to clean them off the front glass?


Also my temperature reaches 82 degrees during the day due to my lights and gets down to about 76 at night when they have been off for a while. I know 82 is not too high, but my question is if the temperature fluctuations will hurt the fish and corals when they end up being put in there? If so, then I will buy a small heater. Thanks.


My wife claims she heard some loud popping last night so I hope I do not have a mantis shrimp. Does anything else make popping sounds in a tank?

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Clean 'em if you wish, but Id leave 'em there and clean only when algae builds. Try not to kill off your pod population cause they are useful critters.



Your temp fluctuations are too drastic for reef inhabitants. Ideally your temp should be steady with no fluctuation. Realistically a safe day/night variance is 1 or 2 degrees, anything more is likely to stress your critters.



You might wanna search this site and build or buy yourself some kinda mantis trap. If you have a mantis and you dont want it in there, get it out before you start stocking your tank.


happy reefin'

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Wiping the glass is fine.


Your temp swing is too much. Although 82 is on the warm side of the "acceptable range", it should be fine. To keep it from dropping so much at night, I'd use a heater set at 80 or 81. Then your lights theoretically would only create a potential 1-2 degree change during the day.


Since you are two days into the program and I don't imagine you have tons of rock in a 6 gallon tank. You might try a high-salinity dip of your rocks. Even better, if you can figure out the rock in question, dip that rock only. It does sound like you have a mantis if she did hear the night time popping. Other than that, you could try a mantis trap.

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