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what to feed new baby clown


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hey there, just got a new baby ocellaris clown, and was wondering what foods are good, i have formula one flakes and he seems to eat a few then loses interest, is this normal (like is he already full)?

thanks alot

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I got a couple for my tank and one was REALLY small...does the same thing. He swims right past normal sized brine shrimp like he isn't even interested, but will dart after one if it's an extra small piece.


I introduced some Marine Snow last night and he was picking at that like crazy.


Seems to me he's used to eating very small pieces of food....probably a tank bred fish...


I think he's probably grabbing pods off of the walls of my tank cause it's covered in them.




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When I got my clown, he was little bitty too. I fed him flakes, but made sure to crush them up really tiny. I fed just a very small amount 2x a day at first - for the first week or so. I've caught him picking pods off the glass too. Now I'm just feeding my fish every other day and in larger size pieces b/c my clown's larger.

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Ya he's been in the tank for 2 days now, he's at the very most 1 inch in length, probably a tad less..I have been crushing up the flakes real tiny and putting them under the water...the shrimp and crabs sure love it...haha..anyways just looks like I'll have to wait a bit before he starts going at it real good...thanks for the treplies, any more would be appreciated


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