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MP's 10g Journal


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Well, here's what i have so far, has been up since jan. 2nd I am finally hoping to get some corals this weekend to stock the tank with some GSP's, pulsing xenia and hoping for RBTA.


Here are some pics for ya'll


this was on 01-22-05:



Here's 03-05-05



Here's of last week:




Scooter Blenny:



And my latest addition:





40w 50/50's PC's

20lbs of figi/tonga branch LR

Macro Algae grass like on liverock

Feather duster

False percula clownfish

Scooter blenny

lots of blue leggers and snails

small carpet anemone

Bakpak2 Skimmer

marineland powerhead (1)




I am working on doing the DIY AC300 fugium, and take off the skimmer, it's too bulky and i do weekly water changes as it is...



Hope you all enjoy, i will take more when i get some corals in...

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Those are sweet moonlights! I hate the ones in my nc, because they're just like little spotlights, but yours are all over everything. Is that really a ten? it looks bigger to me...

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i think you're going to need more lighting than 40W PC to keep an RBTA, it might get a little washed out... however, the moonlights do look sweet, im lookin to do some as well

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Thanx, yea it's only 10g's, managed tto get them for $20 on ebay with 4 blu leds' wasnt bad price...


Pro, I checked into it more, ur right, so i just purchased an additional 40w to put on it well thinking of it i found place to get it. Could easily put a 2nd strip on there, but i may just look into seeing how much a quad costs to put on the tank instead....

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Deleted User 8530

Well im keeping a Haitain Condy alive and doing GREAT with only 40w. The same setup as yours. I Rescued him compared to what he looked like at the store.

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Originally posted by Undertheradar

That scooter looks like its going to die soon.  It needs a bigger tank...an established tank.  It is a dragonet after all.



I know they are dragonnet's and i am in middle of upgrading the tank but keeping this one too.


From what i know they do more readily accept frozen foods, this one takes frozen foods w/o a single problem once that food hits the water he's all over it, as for the pods, i have looked at the tank at night there are tons of pods around, which i did find odd since he's a dragonnet and should be eating them tank has been up for 4 mos, and that there are still pods all over i found odd. But he is mainly on frozen foods. I was concerened at first but he took to frozen food very easily, as i know a local guy who harvests pods....

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Well got the pulsing xenia and GSP in, the GSP is very small and pics just aren't coming out like i hoped..Here's some updated livestock pics:







I am upgrading the lighting so will have 80w over it...and am debating about getting some galaxia? is it called?

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just a tip, when you are taking tank shots, shut off all lights in the room, you won't get reflections in your glass that way. other than that, looks great :)

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Well some updated photo's i added a AC300 refugium onto the tank and switch to aqualight powercompact lighting:













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just have two powerheads in there think one is rio50 other is temporaily marineland penguin, i have to gothrough ebay to get the rio's since can't get them locally here,trying to get them to hit the flow from the filters so it's not directly hitting the sandand moving it

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You scared me when your sig said "Mini Carpet Anemone" ;), but now that I see it's one of those kinds, I'm not worried anymore. Your tank is looking pretty good. I love the moonlight setup that you have going, too. Watch that seastar very closely since they are infamous for devouring every living thing in your sand, then biting the dust. :| Keep up the progress and good work!

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thanx he is my favorite guy too! Love the fanning he does. Just regular scooter blenny to my knowledge, commonly found at LFS.



LOL kogut yea just tiny thing don't get very big...Am considering getting a new home for the seastar since been in there for about 2mos, so am sure he's gettin close to wiping everything out except i am still seeing red worms or whatever across the top of sand sprouting

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Hey bro, it's getting there, takes time and $$ spent $100 on them last corals, we have a frag swap coming up i plan on attending, gonna get some more shrooms, some GSP, think that's all that catches my eye right now...my pulsing xenia is "pulsing" so that's good sign!

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