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Coral Vue Hydros

flowerpot (alveopora) info please


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I've done it both ways without much difference noticed, i was told you don't neeeed to spot feed i know that whenever i don't spot feed i have to be careful because my clowfish usually gobbles up a huge chunk of the cyclopeeze before it gets half way down into the tank (hehe he really loves that stuff, and from what i understand it's good for him too). i do get about the same ammount of poly extention either way.


Not a terrible lot of information is out there on keep this coral alive for long periods of time in home aqariums (and probably even less for nanos). The only literature i could find on it said that they are extremely tolerant to light and have similar care requirements to goni. personally i see more polp extension the closer it is to the light and less when it is farther away fromthe light (which doesn't make much sense)but most people say that it likes less light. consider yourself close to the edge of coral care, just remeber to post about what works for you and doesn't work, spread the knowlage around.


alveopora is about my favorite coral, and the particular one i have is gorgeous, i'd post a pic but my camera skills don't do the thing justice

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good so i can just drop some liquid life into my tank and let the current carry the food to the flowerpot. i hate to turn off all powerheads and filters and put my hand into the water to target feed mine.


yes alveopora is also my favorite coral. it's beautiful.

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