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Advice Needed - Circulation


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I was thinking if it was neccesary for me to have more cirulation than I already have. It's a 5 gallon nano SW with 5 pounds of LR now and a HOB filter (aquaclear 200) pouring 200GPH on top of the tank. Is it nessesary to have another small powerhead under the water? These are my future inhabitants,


2 Trochus Snails

2 Redleg Hermits

1 Sandsifter starfish

1 Percula Clownfish



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I think that not necesary by now. It can be added later if you will have the signs of low current (cyano f.e.).

And one more thing, trochus is too big for you tank. Search for nassarius, small strombus and etc.

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Ok, the circulation seems to be ok then. I'll change the trochus snails to nassarius, small strombus, astrea or cerith snails.


If anyones got more help on the circulation, tnx for help.

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40x volume change is already a lot, but also depends on type of coral. mixed sources of flow is going to be better in the long run. most corals appreciate random flow.

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I am only keeping a FOWLR tank. No light loving creatures. Just the live rock, those above mentioned animals and crushed coral substrate. Although 200GPH sounds like alot it's only slowly pouring it on the surface, that's why I thought a small powerhead under the surface would be beneficial.

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