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Help Please (lighting)


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Hi guys,


I wanna swap out 3 of my bulbs for Actinic/10k's but every vendor that I've contacted either doesn't sell it or doesn't respond and I'm starting to get frustrated.


I have a 12g nano cube and I'm not sure how long the bulb is...but I know that it's about 13"...it's a 4-pin straight and needs to be at least 24 watts. If anybody knows where I can purchase a bulb like this please let me know and I would love you forever and ever and ever. All the ones I see are always square-pin. Thanks.

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Thanks Mark, I e-mailed them--hopefully they carry it or know a vendor who does...still continuing the search though.

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go to the site and look under 12g nano cube dx. and at the bottom you will find the bulbs. i hope that is what you are looking for. im an idiot and dont know how to link you to it....sorry.

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Chris @ nanocustoms does not have the bulb that I am searching for.


Chronicles...I contacted that site to ask if the pins on that 50/50 bulb is a 4-pin horizontal.


Thanks for the help everybody--I am still searching!

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The only 50/50 Daylight/True actinic is the Jalli Actinic.


Unfortunately they went out of production.


Try this place: www.ereeftank.com


They used to carry the 5050s. Not sure anymore.



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rbaby, im curious why are you going with all actincs? im curious. ive heard of guys that grow zoos under full actnics with great success, but always thought it was more of a myth.


anyway. call jbjlighting.com you can order the lights from them. but i belive petsolutions.com also has them.

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I'm not going all actinics, I'm replacing 2 bulbs really with a 50/50 and one with a 10k. Too much actinics do not benefit in long term growth, it's more for aesthetic reasons.


As it stands right now my tank is a little too white for my taste and I would like to experiment with other options. However...Chris has pointed out that the Jalli's would have been good but since they are out of production--what is the point. In a year's time I will get used to my lighting and I can't get replacement bulbs...bluh...time to look for another option :)...

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