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Heating Concerns for One Gallon Pico


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Greetings Nano/Pico Reefers.


I have set up a new one gallon pico reef which is just a delight.

It's the aquatic gardens "tank" with a coralife 2x9w PC fixture above it. Using just the hob filter at the moment for current.

LR and corals from my main tank.

Want to bring this in to my office but...


Ambient temps are low in my building. During the work day, the lights will keep the tank in the 79-80 range on their own (I keep my tank room at home cool as well) but at night, I am dipping down to 76 or so.


I've not found a good TINY heater to use.

I was thinking about replacing the HOB filter with an Aqua Clear Mini, which I HOPE I can fit a heater inside of?

But... concerned that will be too much flow, though I might recall that it can be dialed down?

Anyway, I know most of you deal with heat being too high, rather then too low, but if anyone has thoughts on heaters (I really don't want to put a big old thing in the tiny display!) I would be most appreciative.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Mike,

I had read your thread in fact, (very nice looking pico by the way).


I did in fact go with "upgrading" to the aquaclear mine (they now call it something else) and found a little neptune 25w heater. The selling point of that set up was that it was in stock at the petco down the street where I was getting crickets for my sons gekco anyway ;)


So, tomorrow is moving day, and I am looking forward to having a little reef on my desk with my coffee in the morning.


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