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Received Blastomussa....Question on condition


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It has been a little over a week since I recieved my red Blasto.

The two bottom sections of the blasto are very fleshy and look healthy. The top two sections look just like red skeletal

forms with no fleshiness at all. I recieved them this this way altho the picture showed when purchaed showed all four, fully fleshed out and healthy. I suspect the reason it is this way was due to stress during shipment.


Given the very good parameters of my tank, will the top two bounce back?


Will the bottom two that are healthy take over and extend to cover the top part?


This is my first blasto and am new to the genre of Blastos. So I dont know what to expect.


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Id also like to add that the section on the top left was the one that looked the worst it has a big open gaping black hole in the center of it and now it seems to have been filled up red, so perhaps this is a good sign(???)

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reef hugger

Try moving them down to your sand bed were there is less light and current. They are not a high light coral. To me, only one of the polyps looks healthy, the far right one. The bottom one is kind of iffy. The other two don't look like they are going to make it. Sorry.

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From what I've read and researched, Blastos are one of the corals that really don't do well in shipping and most, if not all will die. This is a coral you would want to locally pick up. As for its health, I can see one polyp looking healthy, the others are either growing or deteriorating.


Personally, I would try to frag off the healthy one now...and stick him separately from the others...and keep the other 3 in your tank and cross your fingers.

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