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Coral Vue Hydros

another bent glass tank (pic fix)


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workin on mine... Just picked up a pump for it. The tank itself I made from acrylic and holds about a quarter cup... :-D details comming soon.

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sorry, this 1.5g tank was running in 2002-2003 (about 9 months). the pictures in the original thread were removed when member webspace was closed last year so i thought with the new forum, i'd repost them.


the setup includes many components i now try to avoid.


1) shotgun layout

2) rock wall

3) closed top

4) laminar flow

5) LPS (haha)

6) coarse sand



thanks for the comments.

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i'm sure u answered these in ur previous thread, but let's reiterate it for your new one.


1. where did you get this tank? (custom?)

2. how many gallons is it?

3. where can i find something like this?!


thanks in advance adin.

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