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UGF in a pico?


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Would an UGF be a good idea in my 12"x4"x12" (tall and narrow) 2.5G pico im designing be a good idea? There arent any hob filters in the uk. I would be using LR aswell and livestock would be just a couple of frags and some sexy shrimp.

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In another thread, Soju mentioned a neat method of creating current in your tank that works remarkably like an UGF. What you do is drill a 3/4" hole through a few pieces of LR and put a plastic tube, like in a UGF, into the hole, creating a stack of LR with a water column in it. Then you stand it in the back of your tank and put an airstone down into the tube to create bubbles. The amount of current is nowhere near a PH, or even a HOB. Any filter feeders probably wouldn't do well, but you could put in corals that prefer low current, like 'shrooms. I personally went with a PH, which now has a frag of GSP glued to it.

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