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i think I have a problem!


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I've had my Nano 12 gl Dx for a few months now. Since its been set up it has had some salt creep on the left side back where the sump starts. I really didn't think a whole lot about it. Just thought that I was filling it a little too full.


Today I noticed that there was much more salt creep and I started looking at it more closely. It appears to be leaking right where the front of the sump starts at the top. Rubbing my finger along the side there are a couple of inches where the plastic has come up just a bit on the edge.Its kind of like its starting to roll up.


What can I do about this before it gets worse? What is the best way to repair it?


Thanks, Cindy

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I have corals, LR and 3 fish. I can always bring them back to the house to my 120 gl. Its not like I have water leaking all over the place or anything, however it may be happening in the future if its not repaired somehow. Would I use silicone? I guess the salt creep plugs it up pretty good.


Do you really think that they would give me a new one? I don't think my husband kept the receipt on it.


Thanks for the reply and the link.

I'll see if I can get a pic of it today. I need to do my weekly wc.



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Hey Cindy,


I can't help you much with the repair, but if it comes down to it, Chris at nanocustoms.com can sell you just a replacement tank. Check it out, I don't think it's all that expensive.



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