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Coral Vue Hydros

Am I in a bad spot?


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As I read through this board and others like it, I've noticed that most people have the 12g DX instead of the 12g OG/DF. Unfortunately, I have the 12g OG/DF. I won't complain too much, though, since it was a present. However, how limited am I by this tank? This tank doesn't even have a return spout; the water returns simply through a hole in filter wall.

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Well coogarts it could be worse.


Your tank is not that bad, you do have options on it to make it more of what you want. Search here and on other sites for modifications. I suggest your search begin w/ www.nanocustoms.com


Chris is a sponsor here too. He has some modifications for your model. You can order the retro kits from him and install yourself or have him do it and ship your canopy to him or just sell it.


check it out. You won't be so upset about having an O/G tank.

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