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Cultivated Reef

Any suggestions or opinions greatly appreciated!


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I have a nanocube 12g with a clown, a purple firefish, a skunk cleaner shrimp, 12lbs LR, various snails and hermits.


Anyways, can you guys look at my pictures and give me comments on my aquascaping. my firefish is always hiding at the very back and i hardly ever see him. is there enough room for corals etc?


im looking into a hammer coral to try and have my clown host it.


thanks to everyone.


ps. the tank has been running for 2 months now and everything is going great.






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gone reefing

Well it looks like your off to a great start. You have plunty of room for corals. My cube had 15 lbs of LR in it before I even added anything. You should have no problem putting a small hammer in there, but they can get large and take up value tank space. You might have luck with the clown hosting in it, but this is not a gauranteed. Also, there does need to a little space around the hammer to prevent it from attacking other coral as you get them. Well that's my 2 cents.

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i go with more rock but it looks good. some like to clean their side glass and do what you did. me, i put rock side to side.


you have PLENTY of room for corals. good job!




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