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If you have the 6 and 12 gallon Nano Cube..help!


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If you have both the 6 and 12 gallon JBJ Nano Cube I need some help.


Is the base of the 18 watt bulb in the 6 gallon and the base of the 24 watt bulb in the 12 gallon the same size?


I know one bulb is longer, I need to know if the bases are the same.


I want a 18 watt 6500 K bulb for the JBJ Eco-Light I have on my Aquafuge and am having are hard time finding one. The base is the same size as the 24 watt light and they make a 18 watt 6500 K bulb for the 6 gallon cube.

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my instinct tells me to say: no, they aren't the same...


but i don't own a 6g cube so i can't say for sure, good luck, i hope my answer was right. i'm sure someone can be able to confirm it within a day or so.

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The 18 watt light that comes in JBJ's Eco-Light has the same base as the 24 watt light in the 12 Gallon Nano Cube so I know there is an 18 watt light that has the same size base. The only difference between the 24 watt and 18 watt light is the 18 watt light is about 2 inches shorter. It's the straight pin Hamilton style I believe. I just don't know if that's the same bulb that's in the 6 Gallon Nano Cube.


Surely someone out there who has a 12 gallon Nano Cube has a 6 gallon too?


Just lift the lid and see if the bulb bases look the same, please?

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