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Stock LED moonlights on 24g nano cube


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Hey all,

So I finally received my 24g cube tonight. Anxiously setting things up and I noticed that the LED moonlights are wired to turn on and off with the main lights. So basically, I won't be able to take advantage of the moonlights if I place my main lights on a timer switch.


Has anyone rewired theirs to make the leds independent?

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I just got mine too but the moon lights are on a seperate switch on top of the hood and the main light switch is on the ballast. Is your different?

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I just got a 24g DX and the switch on the ballast turns the fans and main lights on. The switch on the hood turns on the LED's. Perhaps your's is wired wrong?


I'd like to put my lights on a timer also but the only way I see to do it is to put the ballast on the timer. This cuts power to the LED's though as they get their power through the ballast too. I'll probably retrofit a moon light and run a separate power cord for it.

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Guys, Gil and doncb are correct in saying that the moonlights are powered by the ballast assembly for the main lights. Yes, the moonlight switch is on the top, but is not independent from the from the ballast assembly. I also would like to know how to separate them to run on timers! Also, I don't think the hood switch has anything to do with the fans, they come on with the main lights only.



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