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Nanocustoms Safety Bulletin: 2.24 OG/DF


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Because nanocustoms is committed to the safety of its customers and with the highest level of customer service, we regret to announce a technical safety bulletin on 2.24 OG/DF upgrade kits equipped with T5s.


TSB No - NK224OG0001


Description - Loose T5 (in additional T5 equipped upgrades) could potentially make contact with splashguard and cause melting/deformation.


Diagnosis - T5 could potentially become loose due to constant expansion/contraction of bulb/clips overtime. Currently the T5 units depend on tension between the bulbs to hold them in place.


Remedy - Apply double sided adhesive tape, or contact chris@nanocustoms.com for mounting clips.


ALL FUTURE 2.24 OG/DF kits will not be affected by this TSB as the design issues will be addressed.


Please call 310-743-2678 for further assistance.

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