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White Film On New Live Rock


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I noticed that on the LV that I just purchased a week ago, I had a film like the skin on the top of warm milk on some of the rock. At first it looked hard, but then started shaking like Jell-O..After a while it tore and I was able to suck it off with a Turkey bester. It looked like it had spread at one time,but stopped. Is this part of a sponge? under most of it was some yellow sponge material. Also my hermits that I bought have been dying off one by one (mantis shrimp will not die though).. Not sure if connected,Harmless etc. Any help would be appreciated.


I have a 12 gal nano. I started with 7LB of LR and 15 LB or LS. When it cycled I added more rock to total 22 LB. I also bought 10 hermits.

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by adding more LR you started a new cycle. I'll bet your hermits are dying because of an ammonia spike. test your params and if ammonia and/or nitrites are high then do a series of small water changes to bring the levels down (if you want to save what's left in your tank). the white film is a result of die-off.

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are the hermits shells craked? if so its the mantis if not then it probably means that some of your levels are off in your tank...good luck

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have not looked at the shells, just find the crab intacted.. Wouldn't the manits eat the crab.. or would it just kill. I think it is levels.. quite a bit of die off and water did have a mild odor

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