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Frog man in the tank


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I bought my 7 year old daughter a 26 gallon bowfront tank for her birthday. Well, really for both of us. Things are proceeding slowly, but right on track. Added the sand and liverock about two months ago and waited for the cycle to complete. Only inhabitants so far are a clean up crew and a brittle star (he's a big bugger and might have been a bad purchase, only time will tell). Planning on some mushrooms and a small fish in the near future (most likely a goby).


Here's the best part...last night she told me she wanted to add "one of those frog man things that dive up and down like the one her friend Mary Claire has in her tank". I'm pretty sure I thought those things were cool when I was 7 also (long time ago)!


Maybe I should have gotten goldfish (lol).

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hahaha buy her another tank, get her a colorful mini bow 5, i bought my son one when he wanted me to add a dinosaur in an egg. let her pick the color and then get her a litle goldfish :) jennifer

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LOL...that'd be a sight for sore eyes...a li'l diver with an air bubble and a treasure chest bobbing up and down with little nemo :)...


I agree with jennie, the minibows are great and she can keep it in her room if she'd like. Can even get those colorful lights to make it perty :)...but goldfishes are so dirty...they have no gut so they constantly poopy...look into fancy guppies. They're very colorful and eays to care for...they have some strains that grow the most beautiful color morphs and tail lengths.

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Originally posted by Gilman

Are those things reef safe? ???



why wouldn't they be? dont real frog men swim in real reefs all the time?








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