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My 2.5 nano;about 3 months old


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Hello folks,this is my 2.5 nano.It has been running for about 3 months.I just started it with some small rocks and a few various shrooms from my 46 gallon bow front,so not much going on yet.My camera sucks so the pics don't do it justice.It actually looks really good although a little bit sparce.

I am soon going to add a little more rock and probably some zoos, different color shrooms, and some polyps.I am sick of the damsel though. I'm thinking of swapping him for something more interesting and small of course like a watchman goby or strawberry pseudo.

I did have a small camel shrimp in here but he got sucked through the modified HOB.(Any suggestions on what to cover the open end with?I had to cut it cuz it was too long.)Oh,and I need to add a clean-up crew.All thats in there now is a tiny blue legged hermit and some tiny snails that were on the rock.


See ya.


2.5 AGA

Small HOB filter for circulation and filtration

25 watt Neptune heater

Cora Life PC light (1) 9 watt 10,000K (1) 9 watt Actinic

4 #'s reef sand seeded from my 46 Bow front

Approx 3 #'s of live rock from 46 Bow front

Very simple and seems to be quite stable

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