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Hello All:


i was thinking today as i was testing my water, how high did people levels get while they were cycling? when i cycled my large tank, i didn't have a test kit for amonia/trites/trates. i just waited 6 weeks and took a sample to the LFS (the Aquatic Critter here in nashville, TN really is great. i hear a lot of horror stories, but the one here really rocks. but thats a nother thread...)


Anyway, how high did your levels get, and approximately how long through your cycle was it? it might help out some of us new reefers to see a few guidelines on X level on Y date of cycle for Z nano.


Thanks a bunch



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Ender, My tank just finished cycling, and my ammonia never got above .1, and my nitrites never got above .1. You're right about The Aquatic Critter; when I lived in Nashville that's where I always went! I think if you get good quality, really cured live rock (like you probably did), you aren't going to get very high levels, although it took mine a while to get down to 0. I'm guessing that's what I got at Aquarium here in Knoxville; never saw any die-off, lots of life from day 1. Just a guess from a sw newbie...;)

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