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Lighting watts on Eclipse 6


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I found out what bulb(s) im using . Its 10 watt each, 50/50 white 10,000K/actinic 03 blue made by coralife at only $ 8.79 a bulb I think it also may come in a 20 or 25 watt bulb, this is just a compact version of it

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i actually have two of the 20watters. they work well but are quite big and bulky. they are very much like a regular screw in light bulb, right? they worked for my pico, that's all i used them for though.

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I just got the mini might for my Eclipse6. It fits under the hood when you remove the existing light. But it comes with:


Actinic Blue 7100 and Daylight 5000k


I am changing the bulbs to:

10000k Daylight and True Acnic 03


I used the mini aqualight with better success but it does not fit under the top. So I will change.

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