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anemone life


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I was doing some research on anemones and it seems that a lot of people have them but not a lot have good success. By success I mean, the anemone living for over a year and after that year still being the same size and health.


Could people post some of their experiances with these popular guys?


I'll post mine. In my 75 gallon I had in college, my bubble tip wandered all over the place and ended up suiciding in my powerhead intake strainer after about 6 months.

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had one. tripled in size every month. got sick of it taking up too much room. removed it from the rock to trade the next day. woke up to cloudy water and anemone soup.

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most of these bad experiences your talking about are coming from noobs who buy an anemone for their "nemo"(i think its sad how these creatures that can live over 200 years and grow indefinatley get killed off by inexperienced hobbyist). Personally ive kept bta's for well over a year. The fact is true they arent easy organisms to keep, they require many things new hobbyist cannot provide. They can be kept but you gotta make the right precautions. Of course all anemones are differnt you cant just sinlge them out as are anemones easy to keep(aptasia and carpet anemones for example are very differnt) thats just like saying are corals easy to keep without listing a species. Be more specific on the species

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