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My coral thread!!!!


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This is the place for anyone to say what their favorite coral is and/or post pics of that coral....


I guess ill start....my favorite coral is tigah's rainbow acan!:D

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You can't really see the colors too well, but it all of a sudden just started exploding in growth in the past 2 weeks (I've had it for 6 months), and it turned this nice cream color w/ baby blue tips.




And yes, I realize the frag beside him is half stn, I lost the frag about 2 months ago in the rocks, and it's still alive! I also found a birdsnest frag from... and I'm not in the least bit exaggerating... 10 months ago, and it's still alive!

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Vic that has some beautiful color, why do you think it suddenly started to bloom?


Phergus, are brains pretty easy to care for? Do they always need to be fed meaty foods or is it okay with just light alone--meaty foods are just a plus? I would love a brain but I don't know the care requirements of one...and how hardy they are, plus I haven't found a color morph that I've fancied yet.


Post a pic of your purple acan, I wanna see...what species is it? This week I will be getting my acan lord frag...I'm excited :)...

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