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Is this normal?


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My tank is in its 2nd week of cycling. I noticed this morning that a rusty colored algae is growing all over my LR. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How do i get rid of it?



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Red Slime, comes with nitrates and phosphates, just asked someone myself about the algae that just popped in on my new system, once my salinity hit 1.020 that was when it made its appearance.

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its not red slime.


its diatoms. its right on schedule for your tank. usually means the cycle is almost done.


your clean up crew will take care of it. its nothing to worry about.




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nah, just adding in the salt mix, kinda a tight squeeze, cant block the cartoons from the kid, so I could only do it gradually. It hit 1.022 last night.

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