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newbie question about condy


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I have finally figured out that this is what I have in my tank. I have a 12g NanoDX with just a few coral in it. I have a toadstool, yellow polyps, some hairy mushroom, elephant ear mushroom, flower leather with some mushroom hitchhikers, and green star polyp. The condy has attached, and probably came with, the star. It seems to have hurt the star, only a few polyps come out anymore (closer to a handful). Should I let the condy be, or should I get rid of it?


I also have 2 firefish, some nassarius snails, a few red and blue hermits, and a peppermint shrimp.


Thanks in advance for the advice.

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agreed with bk. 12g is a little tight for a condy and two firefish plus all that livestock. the condy will likely end up munching on one or both of those fires.

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If its on the glass, just slowly slide a credit card under it... if its on the rocks, take the single rock back, or do the same as with the glass, except slower and more carefully.

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Originally posted by p.o.t.u.s

from what i've read, an elephant ear mushroom can ingest fish...i might be a bit nervous about that in my tank.


Has anyone else heard this?

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It's a fact...but it obviously depends on the size of the mushroom


Rhodactis mussoides- aka Elephant Ear Mushroom...check it out.

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Elephant Ear Mushrooms do eat fish. If it's tiny, I wouldn't think it would be that much of a concern, but nature is pretty amazing.


They lack the ability to sting, but perform what's called a purse-string. They slowly bring up all sides so they look sort of like a tulip, and then tighten around. Anything trapped inside will be eaten.


There are some cool pictures on the internet, but I couldn't find any in a brief search.

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I would think that clown and fish that rest on these corals would be at risk. I had a clown in a previous tank that became quite affectionate to a large mushroom in the absence of a anemone. I would think that a slow fish or even a sleeping fish might be ingested. On the other hand, they tend to get quite big and may be a bit big in the future in your tank. Do you have a large tank you can move it to?

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No, I don't have a large tank, but if/when it gets too big, I guess I can just trade it in for something else. So, is my star a gonner? It only has a handful of polyps that even come out anymore. Did the Condy kill it?

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