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15g Tall - 4 Months Old :)


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I finally got pictures of my 15g tall. It doesn't have any corals or anything but I like it :happy:. Let me know what you all think.


15g Tall

2 Percs

1 Neon Goby

1 Cleaner Shrimp

3 Blue Leg Hermits

24lbs LR

20lbs LS

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I wanted to post a picture of my new aquascaping, so i decided to now. This is my 25 gallon FOWLR with around 30 lbs of base rock and around 15 lbs of live rock. Most of the rock i had in there before I ended up taking out, so i have a coralline shortage. Your tank is really nice i have to say. I love your clowns!



13268100_0581.JPG X

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