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Fish capacity


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How many fish can i have in a 29g nano at most? Is 4 fish to much? By the way...im thinking of getting 2 B&W percs, Lawnmower Blenny, and when my tank is fully established (with enough pods) i might get a Mandarin.(You never have enough pods for a Mandarin:D )

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i say no on the mandarin, and the rest should be ok. you are right you can never have enough pods, and a 29 gallon would not have enough for a mandarin. i had one in my 10 and then my 36 but he ate frozen brine and flakes. i made sure at the lfs before i bought it. so again, no on the mandarin unless you know it will eat other things besides pods or else you are giving it a death sentence. btw do not ever trust an lfs, always ask to see it do it.

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