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Hair Algae I think


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Hello All!


I have recently become a new nano enthusiast and think I have something bad going on in my 12g nano cube DX. A few weeks ago, I purchased "Solomon" LR from thatfishplace.com and continued through the brown diatom stage. Around the same time, I began to see feather like algae/plants, grow on the aquarium glass... then all over the live rock.


I have done some exhausting research and think that it is Bryopsis... I did try to take a pic, but my dig camera kinda sux. Has anyone seen this in their tank????? had the same problem????? ???

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If it is hair algae, there are a few ways to deal with it,


Actualy, do a search on hair algae, here and on RC, you'll find a pic somewhere, compair it to whats going on in your tank. That will have how to deal with it.


PS if your using Ocenanic salt, I am more than 100% willing to bet that its hair algae.

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Orcutt Aquarium

If its is hair algae one of the best ways to get ride of it is of course is get fish such as a foxface rabbit of tangs. The other way is to use a produce called Stop Hair Algae. It works 100%. I've used it on several of my customers tanks and works very well. Of course you can't use too much at once. It's very easy to use and I recomend it..



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Thanks guys,,,,, I have gone up to Reef Central.... and they are saying to let the tank cycle then, pull the stuff out.... any thoughts??????

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