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lighting a 2.5 help


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i am going to try my hand at a 2.5 after a years success at my nanocube (the original one) my question is what can i use to light my 2.5aga?


i've seen people use bookworm lights? is that good and what cite or where can i find them? i just went to a lowes and the guy said to go to waldenbook cuz they are a clip on... obviously my explanation didnt register to him.


i've also heard about screw-ins from coralife? can someone point me to the right direction to find info on them?


any other sugestions? most likely i will make a canopy and base for this project to make it look purty:)

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bigalsonline has the coralife 50/50 in 10w & 20w for a good price. I have one of each over my 2.5. Others use the 13w retro. Do a search for both and you will find lots of useful info and ways to set them up. After reading the various threads, I decided on the setup I liked the best.

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I used a 9W PC i had laying around. I would probly do the same set up as you see here, but with a 13W. The screw ins are nice too- look in my gallery for pics of my screw in refugium light.

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how good are the coralife screw in bulbs? im thinking of going with 2 or 3 10 watts bulbs in a hood? also would i need some kinda acrlyic or glass to act as a sheild from the water or can i just make sure its very secure and leave it about 5 inches above the water

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I like the 50/50. Cheap bulbs and cheap DIY lighting. I have the 20w mounted toward the front of the canopy and the 10w toward the back.


I would "highly" recommend using a glass or acrlyic cover.

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use a piece of acrylic or plexi. you dont want to fry your reef. for the 10$ they cost, there =worth it. they come in all the right spectrums too-except (Ithink) actinic. I know they have 6700K, 10K, and 50/50. you dont need any special wiring stuff either, just a screw in base from HD and a little switch.

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so i have to bulbs i can accomdate over my 2.5g should i go with 20, 30, or 40 total watts all 50/50 they dont make the screw ins in just atinic GRRR!!

would 40w be too much, im aiming at softies, shrooms, zoos, lps

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i have the coralife mini aqua light it is 2 bulbs, power compact, it was 35bucks and it was plug and play. 9'', it has 2-18watt bulbs.

one is true actinic and the other is 10,000k. it works great for me.

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well i bought 2 screw in fixtures now i need to know a good combo of wattage, i can go with 2 10watt bulbs, 2 20 watt bulbs or 1 of each for 30 total watts, would 40 b4 overkill or the more watts better? price difference is just a few dollars overall for either combo

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