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anyone up? SPAWN in my tank


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Just went over to take a look at the tank for hitchikers and low and behold there seem to be I guess 100 baby shrimp swirling around the tank. Pepper I did not know you had it in you you old girl. They look a lot like my sea monkies. Aww gosh there so cute.


Well now what do I do with them? Fish them out and put them into another tank? Let them grow? Or just leave them there to get eaten and sucked into the filter?


I do not have another tank set up...but I could run out in the am and get one quick. Drop in an airstone and see what happens. Any suggestions?

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It's hard to identify without a picture, but they are small crustaceans that are good for your tank. They are scavangers, so they help in that regard, and they are low on the food chain in your tank, so they help in that capacity too. Just watch them and enjoy!

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Well the watching is over as they are all gone. Either eaten, filtered or hiding...I dunno. Just think if I had not been up till 2 am I would never had known. All that activity at night its so cool. I am getting one of those moon lights to better see what goes on.

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misys i second that but without a pic its imposible to say for shure.mysis are nocturnal.are they pretty fast ?or do they hang there kindof suspended in the water colom.if they hang there pepermint shrimp larva mabe ,if there kinda fast and coordinated there mysis.ok hope this helps nextime let me know out of curiosity please.

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