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Found these in my tank.. baby fish?


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Ok so i just found LOTS (over a thousand?) of these in my tank, they are very small and were not there 15 minutes ago. here is a link to a few pics. sorry but they are so small




First one is the best image


hey are swimming around and appear to have fins. But it is hard to tell, waiting on a microscope.

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ok so i was looking under a 100x Microscope. They have an Eye which is almost 60% of it's mass... They have long tails (as long if not longer then the main body, And apear to have Small fins and or legs.

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the baby pods and what not would group and do that in my tank when it was first setup. but i cant get enough detail out of the pics to make out what those are. did you try searching for "bugs" on here? i'll bet you can find a pic of them

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