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Water Changes


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Here it is. 2 tanks 10G &12G reefs. Been making salt with plain ol tap water. I've noticed there not thrving like they should. I need to turn this around with ro water. How often can I do water changes & how much @ a time. I just did 20% on the 12G.. 10G fri. night. Thanks in advance....

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12G I have mushrooms(green stripe, brown, blue) Different types polyps, xenia(shriveling up) a leather(which isn't being affected. Shrimp, crabs,snails, fish. 10G not much being it's new small peice of xenia small bubble tip & a sand anemene. Coral banded sh. crabs,fish. Did water change on 12 last night, seems the xenia stood upright after i was done just curious how often. If I can do daily, I'll just go from 1 tank to the other everyday.

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it takes a lot of partial water changes to equal a complete water change. i'm sure that there's a post somewhere explaining the math. anyways, as long as the creatures look happy go back to a regular schedule. another suggestion would be to get your sg and pH checked. problems with sg will result in a lot of unhappiness in a tank. pH because xenia is a bit sensitive to subltle changes in pH.

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