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xenia shrinking


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I have a 12G nanocube setup for 4 mon. Everythings well except a loose piece of xenia I bought @ lfs for $10 Within 2 days it attached to a base rock on the side of it. I've had it for a month now & it's slowly shrinking. The heads don't pulse & the stalks are getting shorter. Could this be due to not enough light. Only have the light that came with the tank. I have numerious other things in the tank(shrooms, polyps, misc.) nothings dying, but not thriving & getting bigger. Any suggestions please? Thanks, john

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Hmmmm...It seems that in many situations xenia reacts differently. My xenia stops pulsing when the PH is low and I haven't added top-off water in a few days. It starts receeding after not adding top-off water for a week.


I have heard alot about high temps making them shink, but I have not experienced this. My temps in the summer regularly get up to 80-82, and I have no problems. This may also have something to do with the strain I have.


Xenia is one of those corals that many people have problems with, until it either adapts to their tank, or they go out and find a hardier/captive bred strain. I also believe you should try to move the frag closer to the lights. My xenia has climbed all the way to the top and has situated itself in the highest light and flow areas of my tank.


I know this is kind of vauge, but try all the solutions mentioned in this thread. The combination should solve the problem, and within no time your gonna be complaining about too much xenia!

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Do you have the 24W lighting or the 48W? I'm guessing the 24W if you set it up 4 months ago because I don't think they had come out with the 48W yet.


Have you tried moving it closer to the light and into a higher flow area? Test for phosphates. If nothing else is thriving and growing I'd start to wonder about the water quality. Water temp?

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Its just 24W light(b4 dx came out) my temp mantains 76. I really can't move the xenia cause it attached to a base rock in the bottom of tank. I have setup of locline plumbing with a y in it & have water flow near it.Its also been brought to my attention that making saltwater with tap water could be most of my problem & light wouldn't hurt. I premake my salt a week ahead of time. I guess on eof those tap water filters are in order(budget won't allow ro right now). Thanks everyone for your comments & suggestions

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You can use distilled water from the grocery store. Phosphates from tap water will definitely wreak havoc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can slice xenia off its base and reattach it.

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