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HOB Filter Skimmer Attachment


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I am gonna use a standard HOB filter with the aquaclear skimmer attachment and I am wondering if the attachment only works with AC filters or if its fairly universal....


pic: skimmer.jpg

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I hate to say it but that stupid attachment never worked for me. It just bobbed up and down and would eventually lose its suction (went above the water line). I tried adjusting it over and over but never could get it right. I used it on my AQ300.


Other people claim that they haven't had any problems. Maybe I just got a bad one or something. I wish it worked.

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The actual fitting is pretty standard. I would just measure your intake opening and go compare sizes at your LFS. They should be pretty much the same. Might have to do a little cutting but hey, just another reason to get out the ol' dremel. :)

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It'll work with more HO filters. I had it running on my minibow for around 1.5 years problem free....I like it but some have had issues w/ them like djconn mentioned.



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