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Cultivated Reef

£25 Mh


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Hi all.


I've just got back from my LFS, and hes got a second hand 150W MH for sale for £25, and I was hoping you may be able to answer some questions I have.


Would this (with a 14,000K bulb) be enough to keep SPS in my planned 25gal, 40cm deep, nano? and also, who makes the best single enbded bulbs?


What will be the heat concerns with this, and would a fan be enough to keep the water temp stable?


And finally, but most importantly. The light doesn't come with a plug, just bare wires. Would it be OK to just put on a plug with a 13a fuse in it. Or is something more drastic required.


Sorry for all the questions, this is my first forray into the world of metal halides.


Thanks for any help you can give:)

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