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Coral Vue Hydros

Why are they considered rare?

Angel Higuera

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Angel Higuera

Acans, Yumas, Blue zoo's, Torts, etc. why are they considered rare?


Is there a shortage in the ocean or somthing? Is it just hard to find sellers? whats the deal?.



PS- I have a red sun coral for sale.














































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They grow sloooooooowwwww. In most cases they cost a lot because they're so colorful though, and since they're fairly new on the market, demand is very very high, and supply is low because there aren't enough frags to go around, so prices go wayyyy up until most people don't want them anymore, and there's just enough supply to fill the demand :)

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it also depends where they are get them directly form the ocean,and the people who harvest them,and how hard it is to get them directly form the ocean.

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I cannot get hold of any yumas because they dont grow on the local reefs. I would love to see a pic of that red sun coral, i have wanted one for a while.

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acans ARE not illegal to import to the us. cites only allows exportation of 2000 per year! they are actually quite common in the wild but generally do not get collected on purpose by divers. many acans are labeled as blastos and thats how many make it into the US.


the common colored acans are what most people see but the acans that should be going for the big bucks are from japanese waters(the thought is that the water is cooler, therefore the colorations are more ecstatic). it IS illegal to export any coral(acans included) out of japan though.


blue zoos shouldn't be called 'rare' anymore unless it is a rare morph you have(alien eyes, etc. as per my tank).


yumas are considered 'rare' only by the color morph, as well. you can get tan colored yumas for something like 3-5 bucks per polyp up my way. not that too many people would want them...but if you did, you could have them for that price. lol. :D


with torts, i dunno...sps isn't realllly my thing as i've got a nano with lps that would destroy sps with alleopathy! a pinkish orange m.cap and a green with PINK polyped cap both RTN'ed within a day after my lords spewed a ton of slime. pretty ####ed off still as the pink polyped cap cost me a bundle.

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Acans are rare coz acan snoots only trade for other acans so people who don't have acans can't trade for one :)...it's just like those job opportunities...can't get a job without experience, but how do you get experience if every job requires it? :)


On a side note...acans grow fast, not slow...just to correct you :)....there are other corals that grow much much slower like Blastos.


P.S. Angel, I'm interested in buying the sun coral, please e-mail me a pic: rbaby@softhome.net

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