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Some Q's about Live sand, rock


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I'm setting up my 12 gal. nano and I have a few questions. Orignally, I was going to make it a fish only tank, but it seemed easier to keep a nano instead of a fish tank that small (I have another one: nano, that is) So I didn't get live sand for it, I just got the crushed argonite stuff. Now that I'm trying to go nano with it, I wanted to know if I should try to switch the stuff out (it is already going...) or if it would still be okay with the non live stuff. Opinions?


Second: I recently found out that there are 2 types of live rock: Cured and uncured. I bought 10 pounds of uncured rock so far, and obviously I need to buy more. If I stayed with the argonite, should I buy a few pieces of cured live rock to help the cycling process, since there is no live sand? If I switched it to live sand, would it matter?


What exactly is the difference between cured and uncured live rock?


Thanks for the help,



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Im no expert, but this is what I did when I cycled my tank. I placed LS in the tank and LR together. I had the baged sand that comes with bacteria and they say that the sand is alive already. Now that I have been more into this hobby I found out that it would have been the same if I got regular sand, meaning not alive. The sand will become LS eventually during the cycle. Does that make sense?


The difference of cured rock and uncured rock is that they say that the cured rock as been in water cycling. But when I added LR into my tank the LFS employee told me that I wouldn't need to cure the rock because it was cured already. Well I followed advise from a local reefer which is part of nano reef as well, and I cured the rock. Good thing I did because it went into total cycle process. The ammonia levels and nitrite levels were through the roof. In other words I would cure rocks no matter what, better safe than sorry dude.


I hope that makes sense

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Thanks a bunch!


I'm glad to know that the sand will eventually grow life into it, and I'm going to take your advise on the rocks too, I'll just by the rock and let it cycle in my tank....



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Exactly. What they told me about my baged sand was that it helped with the cycle. My cycle process was 2.5 weeks to 3 weeks and they say that if I bought regular "dead sand" the cycle would have been longer, that's all. Not to mention the baged stuff is like $30 for 29 pounds! *yikes*. So you might be better off getting just the so called dead dead sand.


You will be starting your cycle right?

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