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The trail of the turbo snail


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So I come back from a 3 day trip, my friend was feeding my fish for me, to find green hair algae all over my LR. This has been a constant problem so far, but this stuff is about an inch long and is swaying with the current. I've yanked it off the rock, and it keeps growing back. I'm using 2 different phospate removers, and its still alive. I finally decided to try 2 turbo snails, just for the fun of it. I don't know if their devouring the hair algae or not, but their cutting paths through the forest!!! Now I've got to figure out what will eat their crap, and it actually does look like a pile of crap.

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I cannot believe the amount of wastes those snails put out! When I got one, I may have rethought that decision when I knew what a mess they leave behind.

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If you want some good hair algae removal get an emerald crab, a couple electric blue leg hermits, and a few turbos like you already have. I had a 10g covered. It was clean within a week and never came back.



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Agreed on the emerald crab. They are awsome at maintaining a tank free of bad macro algaes and turbos will do excellent on the smaller stuff. I do recommend that people buy smaller turbo snails for smaller tanks because a single large one dying on a weekend vacation will lead to a horrible ammonia spike.

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