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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Attn: Lighting Experts


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I found these pretty cheap compact fluorescent fixtures locally, so I decided to pick up a couple. They are meant to be installed in ceilings but with some modding I'm sure I can wire them up pretty easily for a canopy. Anyway... I am new to reefs and lighting for them. I was wondering if these would even work?

Here are the specifics:

There is a sticker on them that says, "Use only 2-pin instant start Quad 13W Lamp.

Cat#FEGT/Q13/FW/WA/1S/ES. I have pretty much no idea what that all means. heh

The fixtures come with

Panasonic Quick Start Instant on Model: 13W 2PIN 2700K bulbs. Are these even good enough for a nano? If so are there any other bulbs I could plug into them that would be?

These fixtures are only like 3 bucks so it would be awesome if I could use them.

At the very least could a couple be used for a 2.5 - 5.5 gallon reef with low-medium light corals?

Thanks for any help!

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NO, the kelvin rating is no good. Needs to be a least 6700k or 10000k, these are the kelvins people normally use. Not enough watts. You might as well order online from doctor fosters or hellolights.com

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Yeah, once I opened the boxes and saw the bulbs I figured they weren't good enough. Oh well.=/ I thought they might be ok for zoos and shrooms though.


Thanks for the help guys.

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