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quick q about bulkheads


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i am installing a bulkhead into my 40 gallon breeder, which side the inner or outer side of the tank does the gasket go on? the bullkheads are facing inside the tank the the threaded part is sticking out.

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I put them on the inside, I also add some silocone on both sides of the bulkhead. Because after awhile the gasket falls apart.


I have heard of some people not even using the gasket but I haven't tried it yet.

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I think this question was just asked...


You need to put the washer on the opposite side of the nut. Inside, outside, doesn't matter....just put it on the opposite side of the nut.


If you need/want an explanation, if it was on the nut side and you tighten the nut, the washer will distort. In your case, with the nuts outside of the tank, the washer will go inside. No silicone needed...if you use it the tendency for the washer to slip out as you tighten will increase.



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